Monday, October 17, 2011

Handgun recoil control

Unsufficient recoil control generates a wide range of problems. From poor shots consistency to weakening the grip and changing the gun's position in the hand. This results mainly in a poor performance at the shooting range, but in extreme cases it may cause danger to the shooter and everybody around.

At the start, lets define the problem. The concept of recoil control is based on automatic returning of pistol's sights to the target after a shot. It happens by a fast muscle twitch occurring 0,04-0,07 seconds after firing. The key word here is "automatic." This means that it is a reflex and not a deliberate action. You should not think about it, just let it happen.

To be able to even think about the recoil control one should think about two issues: whether the gun fits the shooter's hand and whether a he has a firm grip on it. These two factors largely influence the behavior of a gun and consistency of shots. If one is not able to securely hold the weapon he surely won't control the recoil. That's why you should not be afraid of changes and, if necessary, replace the pads, modify the grip or the trigger length so that the gun used is comfortable for you. In the end, you should choose another gun if you find the current one too large or too heavy.

To keep the control over the gun's recoil it must be held properly. Weaker hand has to take an active role in the two handed grip. It should be responsible for compensating the recoil. Many shooters are trying to do too much with their stronger hand completely forgetting about the other one. It usually happens in the Weaver's shooting stance. Because the main hand is responsible not only for the trigger control but also for controling the recoil they try to put more energy in it . If we add the additional strength generated by adrenaline it often leads to overdoing the compensation and the second shot goes to the low left of the target.

Make sure your shooting stance is stable. The easiest way to verify this is by asking someone ,when you're in your shooting stance, to pull your hands down. If you're not able to maintain the same stance the same will happen while shooting. I also advice to learn the shooting stance called MODERN ISOCELES.

One last thing: you should be relaxed in your shooting stance. Tensing up your muscles interferes with fast shooting and kills the precision. Tension will just make you tired faster.


Sussman said...

Hey, Great Blog!
I look forward to reading more-I'm an American living in Nuremberg Germany and looking for any AIPSC resources/teams/facilities/etc. If you have any knowledge about AIPSC in Germany, please let me know!

AIPSC said...

Thanks! I'm glad you like it. I'll publish some more articles soon - stay tuned :)

Unfortunately I'm not familiar with german AIPSC community. There's a website but I see it hasn't been updated for a long time. I guess you have to seek for IPSC teams in your area and ask there. Quite often people compete in both - AIPSC and IPSC.

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