Friday, October 15, 2010

Choosing a proper airsoft pistol for AIPSC

przykład repliki przystosowanej do AIPSC w klasie open
Shooting is a quite demanding sport when it comes to hardware. Marksman skills are paramount, but when two highly trained shooters meets, the selection of appropriate weapons can not be overestimated. So, before you purchase one, you should 5 times consider the choice.

The first point to write that there are 3 AIPSC handgun shooting divisions, differed by a accepted level of handgun modifications:
  • open - all modifications are allowed
  • standard - making it simple: all modifications that don't change pistol's external dimensions are allowed
  • production - no modifications are allowed; moreover, the gun can not be single-action-only

When choosing a gun one must take into account:
  • availability of spare parts
  • availability of extensions and upgrades
  • availability of magazines

These are, in my oppinion, the most important criteria that must be met by airsoft pistol. They are followed by the length of the barrel, ergonomics and personal preferences.

There are many interesting airsoft pistols on the market for which it is impossible to get an extra magazine, forget the internal components. If you want to compete in open or standard divisions, generally you should avoid KWA/KSC pistols. There are no or at least very few custom elements which you could use to improve their performance. The best choice is to invest in TM constructions or their clones - KJW or WE (WE guns are not 100% clones and some parts do won't fit). The manufacturer doesn't play a big role - sooner or later you will replace most of the elements with strengthened ones. As for the model of gun, I would recommend Hi-Capa 5.1, various 1911 models or Glocks. That's because there are lots of available parts and modifications.

Proffesional AIPSC guns are usually completely custom builds and their prices often exceed $2,000. You can buy complete builds, however, players usually choose to select and install components on their own. The possibility of tinkering and modifying individual gun adds a flavor to this sport. Therefore, the open class is the most popular. Some guns are just little pieces of art.

Choosing athe gun isn't an easy task. But it is worth to spend a little bit more time on selecting the right one, instead of regretting the quick choice.


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Airsoft Matrix said...


There are two primary propulsion types on the market, electric airsoft guns and spring airsoft guns. Each differs from the other significantly. In order to make the right purchase, one will need to know a bit more about both options. Thanks a lot.

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chris21 said...

Nice blog!
Im new to ipsc -old to airsoft!
there 3 types of airsoft pistols not 2 like a friend comment before electric AEP,gas blowback GBB,and spring action.AEP's are all in the 180-210fps range GBB are in 280-320fps and spring are from 100 to 250 i think (all with 0.20g BBS).
GBB i think are the most suitable but also AEP will do the work for close range,but AEP's does have the kick!
I ll like to see an article on how to make a home practice range!From targets to how you ve to arrange the space for it!
keep up the good work!
Also check my blog if you like,its diy,news, airsoft related.Doesnt have much stuff in but i ve just started it.

Airsoft-IPSC said...

Hey Chris. Thanks for your imput. Indeed, home range is a good subject for an article. I'll try to write something about it soon.

Anonymous said...

My name is Nathan I have been playing airsoft for over 5 yrs I have some questions.

How do I get involved with ipsc completions?. I know of the ipsc in real steel but don't know much of the airsoft side.

Are there locations in so. Cal. Where I can be an active member of the airsoft side.

Please reply I have exhausted options of where I can find any answers. Please feel free to email me at

maurice dudley said...

Great stuff!
Love everything about Airsoft! I have this
Tanfoglio Gold Custom Airsoft Pistol on my hand. My first airsoft pistol."

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