IPSC competitor
When you don't know what it is about, then it is about the money. In this case this saying also applies, even though money is only one of the factors that led to the creation of AIPSC.

So what is it AIPSC? This is an airsoft variation of  IPSC. For those who remain unaware: IPSC means International Practical Shooting Confederation but this abbreviation is commonly used as a name for firearms practical /dynamic shooting.

AIPSC, just like airsoft itself, was developed in Asia. When all kinds of practical shooting were prospering in other countries, Asians who have absolutely no access to firearms, had to cope differently. Therefore they adopted the existing
IPSC rules to airsoft conditions. It should be noted, that this sport is approached very seriously in there. Today in Asia AIPSC is extremely popular and competitions are organized with a great gusto. What's interesting - AIPSC players also compete in competitions involving firearms and are doing well. AIPSC leagues also exist in the U.S., Canada, Italy, Great Britain, Germany and many other countries. The popularity of this type of shooting has led to recognizing AIPSC as a shooting class by IPSC authorities and called it "Action Air".

AIPSC is a great introduction to real firearms shooting. It can also be a cheap way of practice for active firearms shooters.