Monday, November 8, 2010

Four applications for in-home IPSC training

To achieve and maintain a good performance one has to have a lot of frequent training. Fortunately, many exercises can be performed with dry-fire drills without leaving home. Unfortunately it's hard to set targets at an appropriate distance at home, not to mention preparing moving targets. The help comes from simple computer programs which simulate distance by displaying scaled down targets on a computer screen.

Below you can find links to four applications useful for in-home training. They do not require installation or downloading them on HDD.

- Dot Transitions Drill - Sight in on the dot, and transition to the next one when it appears.

- Draw At The Beep - This drill has a size adjustable IPSC target and a par timer. Draw at the sound of the beep, and sight in before your par time is up.

- Variable Speed Swinger - The swinger's speed can be adjusted by using the slider on the barricade that you can move.

- Target Tracking Drill - This drill has an IPSC target that slides across the screen. Track it.

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Rob Wood said...

That's kinda interesting (the target stuff, not the comment spam!) for us newer shooters.The meaningful contribution of your mind reflects on those people who are looking for new ideas and informations regarding IPSC target. Thanks a lot.

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